Treating Children’s Asthma

“Our young grandson had his first asthma attack four years ago, just before his first birthday. Since then our daughter and son-in-law have taken him to St Helier A&E on numerous occasions and he has always received exemplary treatment from the staff of the A&E Department and on the Children’s Ward where he has been a patient. My daughter and her husband have every confidence that their son will receive the treatment he needs at St Helier. It is a traumatic journey for them to take their small son to hospital with breathing difficulties and they need to get there quickly. If the A&E department at St Helier is closed they will be forced to make a longer journey to either Mayday Hospital, Croydon or East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, thus delaying the start of the vital treatment our grandson needs.

We would not like to see St Helier lose these vital departments forcing local residents to travel greater distances for treatment at a time of their greatest need.”

Jan Riches, Cheam

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  1. Philip Pacitti says:

    The day after I suffered what I thought was a slight stroke I made an appointment to visit my doctor at Shotfield Health Centre. My own doctor was on holiday and so I was seen by a young lady doctor who examined me and told me that my heart was beating at 30 per minute, when the norm is over 60.
    She asked me how I had got to the Clinic when I said I had walked, she said well you are not walking back. Ring your wife now and tell her to take you to ST Helier A & E Dept immediately, and I will give you a letter to take with you and I will advise them you are coming.
    When I arrived at the hospital I did not even sit down they took my letter and I was taken into a room and at 12 .30 pm I was on the operating table having a temporary Heart Pacemaker fitted prior to going 3 days after to St Georges at Tooting to have the permanent Pacemaker fitted. In 90 minutes, not bad eh.
    Had it not been for that young Lady doctor, and the speedy attention at St Helier A& E Dept I would not be writting this blog today. I am forever grateful to all those that dealt with me.
    Finally bear in mind that the drive to St Georges is awful and had I had to be taken there it may have been to late.

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