Helping Generations Of Families

St Helier hospital has been at the centre of building Sutton’s families, helping those in need, and whilst it has its faults like any public authority, it remains a fond, no, an essential part of our community. These proposed closures cannot stand, and will be disastrous for our community.

My family and I have benefited greatly from the services provided by St Helier hospital. I myself was born there, as were my brothers, my parents and grandparents, and many of my other relatives and friends. The maternity ward is something we are all familiar with, as are many of Sutton’s families. St Helier has also been there for my family and friends when there has been an accident or an emergency, for example, my brother breaking his collarbone, and my grandmother breaking her hip. The A&E department was there to help, and it has been there to help those of us who have suffered, whether the incident was life threatening or not.

We cannot expect to be able to cope without the maternity or the A&E departments at St Helier hospital. The next nearest A&E departments for Sutton residents if the closure goes ahead will be Croydon University Hospital in Thornton Heath and Kingston Hospital. The next nearest maternity units are again Croydon University Hospital and St George’s Hospital in Tooting. Cuts are also expected to be made in these hospitals. Whilst these hospitals are only a few extra miles away, when we are dealing with two departments which literally deal with life and death, those miles can and will make all the difference. There can be no compromise; our community needs those services.

We all share fond memories of the hospital; whether it be the birth of a child, the healing of a relative, the passing of a loved one, or even complaining about waiting times (and on that note, if you think waiting times were bad at St Helier, wait until you have to travel to another hospital which is now dealing with an extra workload)! I hope you will join me in remembering our great and historic hospital, and I’m sure you are as saddened as me at the proposed closures.

Elliot Colburn, Wallington

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